Bonika Promaster Blender ETS

Bonika Promaster Blender ETS


$ 150.00

The Pro Master Feels Like an Extension of Your Hand!
Have you ever wanted your cutting to be effortless as if your shears were an extension of your hand? When you require your shears to give you a precise detail cut or to slide cut, wouldn't it be nice if your shears could perform effortless? That's what we thought, too, and that is why we created the Pro Master Shears. Very smooth for a fantastic choppy cut.

  •  6.5" length
  •  28 teeth
  •  offset handles
  •  fixed finger rest
  •  ergonomic handles
  •  anti allergy coating and adjustable tension screw
  •  Non-slip finish handle, one of our lightest, smooth set shears.
  •  Life Time Warranty


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