Price List

Our philosophy is to make things as simple as possible. No need to get the tape measure out and measure each blade. We will sharpen most items regardless of length starting at just $5.00.

If you need something sharpened but do not see it on our site, then contact us. Chances are we can sharpen practically any item for you.

  • Knives (straight or serrated): $5.00
  • Pet Nail Clippers: $5.00
  • Small Clipper Blades (usage: people and pets): $8.00
  • Large Clipper Blades (usage: sheep, alpaca, horses, etc.): $9.00
  • Surgical Scissors: $8.00
  • Fabric & Pinking Shears: $10.00
  • Grooming Scissors & Shears: $15.00
  • Clipper Repair (blade drive, hinge, cord, oil, etc): $20.00 for a short service + Parts
  • Clipper Repair (motor work + short service): $40.00 + Parts
  • Tools or other items priced upon request

To order services on-line, follow the steps indicated below or simply download our order form towards the bottom of this page.

1) Select a product area under the SERVICES menu.
2) Select an item and click ADD TO CART.
3) Enter the QUANTITY of items to be sharpened.
4) When finished, click YOUR CART or the SHOPPING CART icon.
5) Gather the items outlined in your order and wrap individually.
6) Add a COPY of your ORDER CONFIRMATION to your shipping box.
7) Ship us your items and we'll notify you once received.
8) We'll sharpen and send back to you within 48-hours*.

Order Form / Payment Info & Mailing Instructions: Order Form / Payment Info & Mailing Instructions

** All orders over $75 will ship for free USPS Priority Return.
** Turn around time can vary depending on the size of the order and the time of year the order is placed. In general, most orders are completed within 48 hours of receipt.

** The Blade Lady is not responsible for items that are either lost, stolen or damaged in transit by shipping carrier. Contact shipping carrier directly if needed. Clipper blades are only guaranteed for 7 days if I (The Blade Lady) serviced your companion clipper at the time of sharpening.

For more information: 303-596-7800 or